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Welcome to Croak Audio Exploration

Latest News: Croak Audio Exploration is proud to announce Distribution of Edwards Audio Phono Stages, Musical Surroundings and Fosgate Phono Stages as well as the award winning Tellurium Q Cable Range.

Croak Audio Exploration
is dedicated to offering you fantastic
audio products and services with a large focus on vinyl replay and care. We also deal direct with the public so that our customers are guaranteed the level of expertise required to get the most out of their audio system and music collection. Naturally we believe our customers should be delighted with their purchases and our after sales service is there to maintain this delight.

Croak Audio Exploration is the authorized South African distributor and dealer for The Funk Firm, Moth Group UK, Tellurium Q, Edwards Audio, Phonomena, Fosgate Signature, Cardas Audio, Sumiko and HiFi Tuning audio products.

Service and upgrades
of high quality HiFi turntables like
Linn, Pink Triangle and Rega as well as its derivatives are one of our core activities using specialised tools and jigs. We stock a variety of spare parts, consumables and upgrades for these units.

Croak Audio Explaration offers a professional Tonearm Rewiring Service for most popular Tonearms.

We have extensive experience in the terminating of all types of high quality audio cables and offer
repair and customisation of audio cables as one of our many services.

Some of the Products and Services we offer

  • Moth Turntables (More)

  • The Funk Firm Turntables and Tone Arms (More) / (AVSA Review)

  • Moth Tonearms (Incognito Wiring Option) (More)

  • Sumiko Phono Cartridges (More)

  • HiFi Tuning Audio Grade Fuses (More)

  • KontakŪ AV Connector Cleaning Fluid, Leaves No Residue (More)

  • Record Cleaning Machines (More)

  • The Funk Firm Achromat Acrylic Upgrade Platter Mats (More)

  • The Funk Firm Achromat Acrylic Upgrade Platters (More)

  • LP12 Vector Link Upgrade (More)

  • The NAD PP2 CTI (Croak Tuned Internals) Upgrade (More)

  • Record Cleaning and Care Products (More)

  • Various Turntable Tune Up Devices and Essential Vinyl Replay Accessories

  • Neutrik RCA Plugs and Sockets for DIY (More)

  • Pre Owned Audio Items (More)

  • Repairs to Linn Valhalla and Axis Power Supply Boards

  • Repairs to CDM9 CD Mechanisms as used in many High End CD Players

  • HiFi News Analogue Test Disc LP (More)