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The Funk Firm - Achroplat

Funk Firm Achroplat on a Rega Planar 3

The most significant thing to realize about analogue is that once you lose any information, it is lost FOREVER; you can NEVER get it back.
..and how easy it is to lose that information?
Well, the information in the groove is actually smaller than the wavelength of light. Diamond styli are more sensitive than Lasers which are clumsy. It's that easy!

The term "Groove Grinder" is really quite apt. The stylus traces the grooves, it actually sets up a musical pressure reaction in the vinyl. On a conventional platter (alloy, glass, acrylic- lesser degree) these pressure vibrations remain in the record bouncing around and muddling up the sound.
So, retrieving our signal is a really delicate task.
A well-designed platter actually forms a path for the vibrations to travel away from the record. It tricks pressure waves into thinking that they are in a much thicker record - That's the first requirement.

Now we've got to get loose the energy. Achroplat does so by using bubbles. Just as in a quality sponge bed mattress, which both supports and damps,
as the thin bubble walls flex in Achroplat, it is easy for the energy to be damped out.

Sitting a couple of millimeters below the stylus the platter has a very important job to do. Achroplat's improvements are instantaneous.

So, now you know.

Bettering all previous platters, even Pink Triangle's original acrylic, Achroplat's reputation keeps growing; first and foremost because it really works.


To cut a long story short Dave owned four different Rega decks and had tried just about every upgrade available for the Rega. But then:

"I am happy to report that your Achroplat is one of the best upgrades that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing…" I had to be sure, before I spoke too soon. This is why it has been so long."


How could we possibly add to that?



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