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Croak Audio Exploration is proud to be the Cardas Audio Distributor for South Africa.

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Golden Reference Interconnect
The latest evolutionary interconnect design by George Cardas. "Golden Section", Matched Propagation, reference design and construction.

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Golden Presence Interconnect
Golden Presence Interconnect is a somewhat simplified version of Golden Reference and fits between our Golden and Neutral Reference cables in the product line.

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Neutral Reference Interconnect
A perfectly neutral reference cable. "Golden Section", Matched Propagation, design and construction.

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Golden Cross Interconnect
The traditional top of the line. "Golden Section", Crossfield design and construction. Extremely popular. Indisputably the world's favorite interconnect cable.

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Cross Interconnect
A light and flexible cable. Very popular. "Golden Section, Crossfield design and construction.

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Quadlink-Five C Interconnect
The ever popular mid-line interconnect cable. "Golden Section", Crossfield design and construction.

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300B Microtwin Interconnect
Entry level cable, flexible, light, easy on the budget. Very popular starter cable. "Golden Section", Crossfield design and construction.

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Crosslink Interconnect
Our least expensive cable. It is the only Cardas cable sold in bulk, and it can be terminated by a Cardas dealer. It is very flexible and light weight. "Golden Section", Crossfield design and construction.

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Musician's Reference
This Golden Section Stranded, guitar and instrument cable is the reference standard.

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iPod Cable
We have adapted our Headphone Cable, with an 1/8" mini plug and dual RCA's, to connect portable players to primary systems.

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