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Cardas Audio
Cardas Male Din for Rega  Cardas 33awg braid  Cardas Male Din  Croak TTT (Turntable Tail)  Cardas Cartridge Clips  Cardas 33 awg Braid + Screen  Cardas Female Din + Delron Barrel     

Croak Audio Exploration is proud to be the Cardas Audio Distributor for South Africa.

We now offer a professional tonearm re-wiring service using these superb Cardas Audio Products. These Cardas products are also available for DIY and we make a "plug and Play" tonearm interconnect, called The Turntable Tail.

Turn your good arm in to a Super Arm, re wire it with Cardas!
George Cardas only uses the finest materials, litz wires that do not oxidise, ever, with his patented Golden Section Stranding that minimises cable strand interaction.


Croak Audio 'The Turntable Tail'

Croak Audio 'The Turntable Tail'

  • Croak Audio's custom terminated phono cable utilizing a Cardas 4x24 AWG shielded cable and Cardas DIN plug.
  • Like all Cardas cable the TTT uses a golden ratio, constant Q, cross field cable design with use of premium materials. The size and flexibility of this cable is excellent.
  • We build each of these cables to order so any length and a choice of Neutrik RCA or XLR termination is possible. Solder connections are made using Cardas Quad Eutectic solder.
  • The cable is a balanced design so no signal is run on the shield and a dedicated earth wire is connected at the DIN plug at the arm base. The earth cable is terminated in a crocodile clip. This may seem odd but this is the one connection in your audio system that does not need to be torqued with a spanner and the clip gives a freedom of grounding options not restricted to an earth post.


Cardas G Master Reference Line Level Interconnect

Cardas G Master Reference

  • The Cardas G-Master Reference is a studio grade product developed originally by George Cardas for the recording industry.
  • Low capacitance with excellent shielding are the fundamental electrical parameters. Slim and flexible cables with durable jackets are necessary physical properties for studio use. Obviously these properties make them ideal high-end audio line level interconnects. The proven twisted pair design with high quality Teflon dielectric and double shielding makes them an excellent choice for all audio applications. Combined with the signature Cardas Golden Ratio stranding with fully coated high quality copper litz wire (that will never oxidize) and you end up with a fantastic cable at a very reasonable price.
  • We build each of these cables to order so any length and a choice of Neutrik RCA or XLR termination is possible. Solder connections are made using Cardas Quad Eutectic solder. The subjective sound qualities are in line with several of the more expensive products in the Cardas line and their electrical parameters are actually superior to many of the high-end cables on the market.
  • Get Cardas quality, low price and excellent performance all in one package. Cardas 2x24AWG constant Q cable design, very low capacitance at 22pF/ft, and a double shield for superb noise rejection. Incredibly light and flexible design makes for easy routing.


Cardas 4x33 awg Braided

Cardas 4x33 awg Braid

  • Cardas 33 awg enamelled Copper, braided, White, Red, Green, Blue and Black. A fine, enamelled wire which is supple enough for any tonearm.
  • An excellent choice for internal wiring from cartidge clips to arm base.
  • Can also be used to make excellent headshell leads together with 2 sets of Cardas cartridge clips.


Cardas 4x33 awg Braid + Screen

Cardas 4x33 awg + Screen

  • Four Cardas 33 awg braided wires twisted then bundled in Teflon tape, braided shield and supple outer jacket. This cable allows a one piece rewire on your tonearm from cartridge clips to RCA plugs, without connectors, joints or interruptions.
  • This cable could also be terminated with a female DIN plug to make a super flexible external tone arm interconnect for turntables with very sensitive suspensions, like the LP12.


Cardas Female DIN + Sleeve Connector

Cardas Female DIN + Sleeve

  • Cardas female DIN plug, gold plated, Teflon insulated with Delron sleeve.
  • We use this one to make 'The Turntable Tail', an excellent connector for any external tonearm interconnect.
  • Use with 4x33 awg braid + screen to make a super flexible External tonearm interconnect.


Cardas Male DIN

Cardas Male DIN

  • Cardas Male DIN plug, gold plated, Teflon insulated.
  • A high quality replacement for mounting in the base of most tonearms fitted with a DIN connector.
  • Can also be used to build an external tone arm interconnect for Grace arms as they use a male ast the end of the cable and female DIN in the arm base.


Cardas Male DIN + Rega Arm Sleeve

Cardas Male DIN + Rega Arm Sleeve

  • Cardas Male DIN plug, gold plated, Teflon insulated with additional Delron sleeve for Rega type arms.
  • Allows Rega type arms to be converted to have a DIN connector in the arm base.
  • Allows the connection of different external tone arm interconnects to Rega type arms.


Cardas Cartridge Clips

Cardas Cartridge Clips

  • Cardas gold plated cartridge clips as used on our arm re-wires.
  • Can be used to make excellent headshell leads.
  • An excellent upgrade replacement for damaged, crushed or tarnished cartridge clips.

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