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The Funk Firm LP12 Vector Link


Linn LP12 with Vector Link

You've been happy with your LP12? Well, The Vector's aim is to be true to the LP12's ethos..

I.e. "retrieve more information from the groove", "maintain pitch" yet still release more potential! In doing so, to create an alternative, reference product, truly fit for the 21st century.  
Quite a challenge? Not for Funk and Funk-Link is where the metamorphosis begins: -

  • Carbon Fibre Top Plate: Flexing, the original low modulus steel top plate sends low frequency energy into the subchassis. By contrast, the new high spec stiffer carbon-fibre replacement dramatically filters these vibrations and a more rhythmic performance results - Looks pretty cool too.

  • Motor Position: The original Pink Link moved the motor from the original 11 o'clock to an optimal and crucial front position. This reduced phase error by an incredible 50%, Sonically you can hear the pitch improve. Not surprising that this has again been adopted but here enhanced even further.

  • DC Motor: AC motors cog and you can hear it! It's that simple. A DC motor reduces this sonic "hash".

  • Full Set-up: In achieving all this, Funk-Link includes a full strip and rebuild of your turntable.

  • No other modification comes close, so, Funk-Link already stands apart. But we've only just begun…

Prepare for a State of the Art make over. "Funk-Link Vector":


Retaining plinth, armboard, bearing & platter, the following are replaced/added: -

A new optimised teardrop shaped, balsa cored sub-chassis:

  • The special material and shape deliver Superior Resonance Control (easily bettering the original)

  • A load distribution ring securely connects bearing to sub-chassis, reducing bearing "sway"

  • Low sub-chassis mass means the platter much better performs its function as a "virtual ground"

  • Phase modulation, reduced with Funk-Link, now all but vanishes. This is how pitch is improved!

Sub-Chassis mounted motor driven by a KR-Shunt (patent applied for):

  • An ironless rotor provides vanishingly low vibration, permitting unique sub-chassis mounting – With no belt to short circuit to the outside world, the result is extraordinary image stability and delicacy, pace, drive and pitch. But what of a battery driven power supply? The Funk Firm's radical approach to design has resulted in KR-Shunt. So advanced it effectively does away the need for batteries, it's circuit smoothly and optimally delivers controlled power to the motor.

  • Link DC PSU

There's still more…
the ultimate, optimised, patented, asymmetric, 3-pulley drive: The Vector


The Vector balances and linearises drive to the platter in a way never before achieved.

  • The platter now rotates more as a single point under the stylus, reducing both rumble and wear.

  • The motor spins smoothly. Phase modulation reduction (pitch) improves even more.
       Vector &  Carbon Fibre





  • The new subchassis anchors the arm and platter in precise relationship whilst also acting as a dump for unwanted resonances.
    This actually extracts more information from the groove.
    LP12 Funk Subchassis

  • You will notice a higher output from your cartridge, a smoother, more detailed more powerful bass performance.
    Simply stunning dynamics resulting from vice like pitch-control.


We want you to enjoy your records like never before. Ultimately, Funk-Link Vector's the only way.
Never has so much development and technology gone into ANY modification all in one go and we accept the above is a heck of a lot to take in!


So, how about just starting with Achromat? A simple cost effective entry to see just what can be done to improve your LP12


Once you're satisfied how well that works, think how much further the above will take your LP12! All that's left is to decide on the best upgrade paths suits you.

Read the Review of The Funk Link Vector LP12 Upgrade in HiFi News May 2007.


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