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The NAD PP-2 CTI (Croak Tuned Internals)
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NAD PP-2 Croak Tuned Internals


Croak Audio Exploration brings you the NAD PP-2 CTI……

The NAD PP-2 RIAA Phono preamplifier is a very popular little ad on unit. It has a pleasant sound, is compact, handles MM and MC cartridges and is cheap as chips.
The cheap as chips part is where things get interesting. To sell the PP-2 at its price economics did come in to the design.

Croak Audio Exploration can elevate the performance of the NAD PP-2 preamplifier to one with more midrange focus; more precision, cleaner and clearer treble extension and a more tuneful bass.

The PP-2 CTI (Croak Tuned Internals) Upgrade involves reworking of the wall wart power supply unit creating a lower impedance faster power supply with greatly reduced power supply noise.
The PP-2 Audio Output circuit is also improved with higher specification more up to date circuitry that offers better detail and midrange focus and a cleaner more extended, yet smoother presentation.
The final step is to apply resonance control to the little steel case that rings like a bell, further improving clarity and focus.

The CTI modification has equal benefit irrespective of MC or MM use!!!

Contact Croak Audio Exploration NOW to have your PP-2 taken to a new level for a price equal to the cost of an Audiophile LP. The cool part of this purchase is that your complete LP collection will benefit!!!


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