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Croak Audio Exploration is proud to be the Tellurium Q Distributor for South Africa.

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Tellurium Q Interconnects

Black RCA Phono Interconnect

These interconnects are directional and for the best sound the signal must travel in the direction of the arrow near the centre of the cable.
The grip in the phono plugs is adjustable enabling you to get the best possible fit.
Most amplifiers tend to be built using solid state technology and that normally requires a certain tuning and matching from an interconnect.

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Blue RCA Phono Interconnect

The Tellurium Blue RCA (as its name suggests) has been designed to work well with the highly praised qualities of the Tellurium Blue speaker cable. It has also been engineered to give you remarkable performance for its price which is in the same bracket as the blue speaker cable.

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XLR Balanced Interconnect
These XLR interconnects have been designed to have the lowest capacitance that we could build in and the highest possible band width with enhanced shielding..

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Digital XLR Interconnect

These XLR interconnects have been designed to give you a stunning digital performance.

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Digital RCA Phono Interconnect
The Tellurium Digital RCA has been designed differently from what you would expect. Many people think that a digital cable is just a digital cable but you may be surprised that this one really does make a difference in your system.

A BNC solution is available also via adaptors.

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