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  The Funk Firm Turntables and Tonearms

THe Funk Firm Saffire II with FXR II Tone Arm


The Turntable. It has only one main moving part (the bearing).
It has been refined for 100 years.
Surely, all possibilities have been exhausted.

Yet in 2005 The Funk Firm arrived and delivered ideas as fresh as if turntables had only recently been invented.

Now, we're still not finished...

The Funk Firm, Ever Closer.....



Vector 3

The Funk Firm vector 3 

with FXR II Arm Vector 3, Showing Vector Drive Pulleys Funk Vector 3 with Funk VR Arm Funk Vector 3 Foot & Switch

  • Funk's Vector has been winning awards since it was launched back in 2005.

    Ongoing development and refinement has resulted in Vector 3. Its radical appearance immediately captures the attention.
    Leaving aside all else that serves no purpose other than merely to fill space, Funk Vector's shape is organic and minimal, encompassing all that is necessary in a turntable.
    Attention to detail extends even to the dual speed control knob. Tactile to hold, it complements the flowing lines of the plinth.

    Housed within Vector III 's slim form are all that you need to have a truly superbly performing front end:
    - Funk "Vector" the very name gives away the first feature: Funk's famous three pulley Vector Drive system.
    - For Vector 3, the motor and power supply are now derived from K-Drive.
    - Achromat has won HiFi Choice's Gold award for a disc support. It this is now used here in Achroplat II with a new smooth silky finish and greater inertia to match the new drive.
    - To support Achroplat is a fine jewelled bearing. Found in all the highest end turntables, the optically polished surface provides truly smooth bearing which will comfortably outlive the life of our turntable (and you!).
    - To complement Vector 3, the standard recommended arm comes from our range of highly modified Rega 301 arms - VR or for the ultimate arm, FXR II (pat pend). You can start with VR and when funds permit, upgrade to FXR II.
    For those who wish to mount different arms, arm plates are available.
    - Isolation and a dustcover will be available soon in the form of Kinetic Kradle.

    Feature laden, it is easy to see that Funk Vector 3 really is serious about fun.
    Vector drive: (Vector: to redirect thrust) Simply, this is "State of the Art" for any turntable.
    Bearings need a gap between the spindle and the sleeve to be free to rotate. This gap is much bigger than the size of a groove. As the motor pulls at the platter, belt tension tilts it towards the motor. The tilted platter rotates away from the motor, while the belt continues to pull towards the motor. This conflict of pulling causes bearing judder, low frequency resolution is degraded and rumble and wear increase.
    Vector Drive uses a triple pulley arrangement about the platter. The bearing is no longer pulled hard in just one direction, the drive is balanced and linearised. This produces less work for the motor the current delivery is smoother - a more even turning of the platter. When you listen to a Funk Vector 3, there is a delightful sense of "rightness" and ease to the music as compared to a deck without Vector Drive. Funk Vector 3 is clearly a superbly engineered Giant Killer of a design.
    Achroplat II(pat pend): Improving on acrylic, it is the perfect Achromatic (non-resonant) support. Now mk II, its inertia is optimised to the new motor and servo.
    Inverted Sapphire Bearing. Very hard, very highly polished. Seen in the highest performance decks.
    DC Motor drive. It is optimally matched to the platter's inertia for smooth, consistent drive.

    Funk Vector 3 is available in metallic brown, black and white.



Saffire II


Funk Saffire II with FXR II

Funk Saffire in Crystal

Funk Saffire Foot

The Solus

  • Pink Triangle's Anniversary heralded a milestone in turntable development.
    20 years on, its legendary performance has people regularly fighting over it on Ebay, willing to pay double its original retail price, thereby underlining a real demand for a replacement.

    That is some pedigree to live up to.

    Funk's answer is Saffire II...HiFi World has just given it a 5 Globe review.

    Starting with a very kind and unexpected editorial, David Price continues, complimenting and describing it as: "...so fleet of foot, supple and subtle"
    And from Adam Smith who carried out the review: "An organic sense of purity is Saffire's trademark. It really shows vinyl at its best". "...at its best"

    No gut thumping, leaden behemoth of a performer.
    We wouldn't have asked for a better descriptive recommendation.

    Saffire II is precision sculpted from solid acrylic and meticulously finished by hand.
    Inert and stable this provides an ideal platform to hold arm and record in precise relationship.

    For the metal parts, chrome, so often used, would be hard on the eye.
    Instead, the softness of nickel is visually more luxurious and sympathetic.

    Funk's new ultra-stiff FXR II arm transmits more energy than any other arm we know.
    The only way to handle this is and prevent reflections back to the cartridge, which would be heard, is to dissipate it at the turntable interface.
    Saffire II's elegant arm-plate hides a complex construction:
    Carbon fibre with a constrained damping layer of specific compliance harmlessly loses energy as heat.

    The Platter:
    Enterprise-esque, Saffire's new platter perfectly complements the plinth's smooth lines.
    This shape, unique to Funk, has never been used in the history of turntables.

    Solus: Extrapolating from Saffire II's lines and finish, Solus is a refinement of the system first seen in Anniversary.

    The output operates as a single ended, class A stage - again unique to Funk in turntable drive.
    Sophistication extends to monitoring of both current and voltage feedback.
    The principle of operation automatically provides for a high level of mains isolation.

    Large, weighty, tactile, Solus' control knob has a smooth, easy feel.

    The Power Source and Belt Drive: On the face of it, Direct Drive might seem the ideal when turning a platter, outperforming all other systems.
    Further investigation, however, yields a surprising alternative conclusion: that the humble Belt drive holds advantages over Direct Drive!
    The faster rotor speed of a belt driven motor generates more error pulses for the servo to act on. With more pulses, any correction necessary can be applied more delicately and hence less invasively.

    With just a single pulley, all other decks yank the platter round and audibly smear delicate signals.
    Funk's 3-pulley Vector Drive system is arguably one of the best ways to rotate a platter via a belt and blurs the boundary between DD and belt drive.

    Saffire II is thus Direct Drive in all but name and certainly enjoys the best advantages of both belt and DD.

    No one else can lay similar claim.

    The Bearing: Anniversary's bearing design not only returned absolute state of the art rumble measurement, it has stood the test of time.
    Refined for Saffire II, it was the natural choice.
    Precision ground surgical stainless steel holds the sapphire thrust plate.
    This supports a very hard, very small precision ball which atop the bearing housing.
    The bearing housing itself has to maintain no less than five centres of concentricity.
    A complex design worthy of its role here.

    Lubrication: For Saffire II, a new thixotropic lubricant has been developed. Its very low coefficient of friction stays in place upside down permitting longer intervals between maintenance. The Record ...Support: A solid balanced acrylic main platter provides the inertial load for the motor.
    Achromat, inset and bonded provides the best in impedance matching termination for your records.
    ...and Record Care: Achromat's surface is smooth and easy to clean. With no foreign matter getting into your precious grooves, either to cause damage or intrude into your listening pleasure, your music is sweeter and your records last longer.

    So there you have it:
    A work of art
    A jewel
    Above all, a state of the art, consummate, musical performer


Tone Arms

Unwittingly, what an apt description for just about every arm produced to date.
Why would you want any of your equipment to have a "tone"?
But arms do!
With its "back to the drawing board" mentality, Funk's latest technological development is set to correct the worst component remaining in the reproduction chain - The Tone Arm. Called F-X (F dot cross), it genuinely takes arm design forwards 100 years.
If we are right, then virtually all other arms are now pretty redundant!
We'll let you be the judge.
We have to hope that many of you don't like FXR II for we surely will not be able to cope.
FXR II is the first of a range of arms to exploit F-X for you to benefit and enjoy



The Funk VR

The Funk VR Arm (Rega with VTA)

  • VR (Vta-Rega)

    Like its more costly brother, FXR II, Funk's entry level arm, VR is based on Rega's 301.
    In turn 301 is based on their RB300 arm.

    RB300: No VTA
    No coherent ground - unbalanced.
    Re-tightening of the arm mounting can be awkward.

    RB301: No VTA
    It has no ground whatsoever. Simply, this is wrong.
    The pillar and mount of the new 301 is plastic.
    This is in direct contrast to RB700/ 900 / 1000 (and its predecessor RB300).

    The above criticisms are all quite obvious and get in the way of a good arm, which we believe 301 fundamentally is but is prevented from reaching its true potential.

    So we set about freeing that potential.
    We didn't fiddle about around the edges, offering easy mods which ignore the fundamental weaknesses.
    By addressing all the above issues from the ground up we have delivered a product which by the designer's own standards is clearly superior to the original.
    The end result is an arm that not only offers really good value for money and is also set up for final modification to FXR II at a later time, should you so wish.
    VR Features:
    * Ultra rigid machined metal arm pillar (as found in 700 / 900 / 1000): The arm is dismantled. The plastic pillar is discarded and replaced.
    * Sensible VTA capability: The aluminium base fits Rega's 250 / 300 24mm hole.
    * True Ground: To preserve the fidelity of the smallest of your precious music signals, Funk's RVTA is correctly and coherently grounded .

    With these mods in place, VR is ready for the ultimate upgrade to FXR II (pat pend), one of the finest performing arms on the market today and of all time yet at a surprisingly affordable price.
    This stagewise approach is our confidence that you end up with the best possible solution for your turntable at a time that suits you or when budgets permit.







  • We believe F-X (pat pend)is a milestone in arm design.
    (F-X is pronounced: F dot cross)
    Is F-XR II now the the best arm in the World?
    (...Perhaps not as fantastic a claim as you might think. Read on)
    Funk's new F-X(pat pend) technology was launched on an unsuspecting public for the first time in the guise of Funk's original FXR at the Bristol show in 2008.
    Visitors then commented as follows:
    " I spent twenty minutes in the Funk room talking to AK and listening to the turntables. He had three Saffires set up, all with Goldring 1042 carts. One had a Naim ARO, one an SME V and the other had the new F dot Cross R arm which is a rewired RB 250 or 300 with their own internally crossbraced spiral wound carbon fibre armtube. It sells for 1,100 which might sound a lot for just a hot rodded Rega but it made the (2,500) SME V sound pale and anemic and even the ARO (one of my all time favourites) was put in its place..."

    Ongoing development and refinement continued.

    F-XR II is now ready.

    With its arm beam, slim, elegant and red, F-XR II immediately sets itself apart.

    Technically & Sonically:
    Irrespective of price F-XR II, measures better than any reference arm in history
    With decades of response curves behind it, in itself that is quite an achievement.
    We can do no better than repeat the following from a reviewer who upon comparing F-XR II against a 2000+ world reference was overheard quietly muttering:
    "It's remarkable how the music comes through when the arm is not in the way"
    That has thrust F-XR II instantly into super-arm territory.
    BUT based on a fully re-worked Rega 301, F-XR II is modestly priced.
    We believe it currently heads the field - yes it really is that good.

    Bass clarity, midband transparency, treble sweetness, all there. Pretty ordinary?
    Music makes more sense and the listener is "ever closer".
    Against a master tape, FXR II easily distinguishes with smoothness and balance and openness. It shows just how far the gap is closing.

    F-XR II is Funk's ongoing ingenuity in revealing more from the groove.
    In use F-XR II is very practical:
    An easy-change cartridge mount permits convenient cartridge change.
    F-XR II's mounting base is Rega compatible yet has fully adjustable VTA.

    For more technical information and the response curves, see The Funk Firm website on the FXR



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